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Microlinks Hair Extensions are individual strand extensions that are attached to your hair using a microlink bead. The hair is re-usable and you can wear it up to 3 mos. before needing a redo. This method is great for fine hair to add volume and length. Each client is different and pricing varies depending on how much hair is needed and what length of hair is desired. Prices often range greatly that's why a consultation is needed. 

NBR Hair Extensions

NBR aka natural beaded row hair extension method is a braidless sew-in. A track is created with Microlink beads on your hair and then the weft of hair is sewn to it. The hair needs to be moved up every 8* weeks. Weft hair extensions can last over a year if cared for properly. The Service cost of this method starts at $150* for a full head install. The cost of the actual hair is separate and varies based on length, color, and type. 

*These are just estimated and can be more or less because everyone has different hair. 

NBR Hair Extensions

NBR Hair Extensions

Natural beaded row method with hand-tied hair extensions


Fusion Hair Extensions

Close up pic, and after pic of 20” fusions

Fusion Hair Extensions 

Fusion Hair Extensions are the most expensive and longest lasting method as far as how often they need to be done. Fusion hair extensions are attached to your hair by keratin bonds, a keratin bond is heated and then rolled around your hair, once it cools it forms a hard bond. Fusion hair does not get moved up, you can wear the, up to 3-4mos* depending on how fast your hair grows. Maintenance for fusions is keeping the hair nice and neat and not letting it get tangled. You will purchase new hair for each install. Fusions can are pretty invisible once installed and feel the most like your own hair. I am certified through The Hair Shop to do fusions. Pricing for fusions very based on how much hair you need to achieve the look you want. I charge $100 per bundle to install, the average person needs at least 5 bundles for a full head. This does not include the cost of the hair. 

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-In Hair Extensions aka Seamless Hair Extensions are one of the easiest and gentle types of hair extensions to wear.  Tape-ins are very comfortable and appointments are quicker than other methods of extensions. The tape-in hair extensions are re-usable for several applications so there is no need to purchase new hair every appointment.  Maintenance is performed every 8 weeks and you can wear the same set of hair for up to a year if well maintained.  To just add fullness on the sides cost of hair is $100 & up and the install is $60, Maintenance is $100. The starting price for hair is $260 for just adding fullness and under 2" of length. For adding more than 2" of length the cost of hair is $300 & up.  

Cost of whole head installations:

Install $125 & up

Maintenance $150 & up

Tape-In Hair extensions
Non-Surgical Hair replacement

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Non-Surgical Hair replacement care very from person to person. The two methods I use are nano strands which is best for someone has thinning or low density at the top of head; or Hair U Wear top piece units, which is a unit that you wear continuously with maintenance every 6 weeks.  Prices for these services start at $350 for more info please contact me. 

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